probably "men in three- piece suit"
i scolled through my blog and saw that i wasn´t writing that much in the last time. so i will write now, i am a bit, oh how to say, a confused and not quite willing to work.
I go here and there, smoke some cigarettes, watch movies, listen to music, do nothing really lasting. in my head i draw a lot, I do have ideas every second but i don't put it them down on paper.
But I don´t feel finished with this doing nothing. So i should cut all my acquaintances for a short week and do nothing more then sit here and draw. No computer - it makes me insane for some reason.
i also came wish i where more brave with colors. i look at them but i don't use it. It´s so sad that i have great ideas but it´s so very hard for me to actually paint them ...i think,.. with my shabby self-confidence.
but every thing is fine, it's almost summer, i am always in love and i'm still waiting for a phone call from heidelberg.

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