probably "men in three- piece suit"

Portrait 2

Now i am drawing my third portrait. I bought such an incredible paper.
It feels very soft in my hands, but it is strong, too.
It’s shaded rose with grey fibers and it is perfect for drawing portraits on it.
The salesman will remove it from the range, so I bought 4 week i will buy all that is left.:)
aawww I have the best time with that paper, i am very happy working with it these days, jinxed :)
(I never can draw the same stuff twice. It’s boring me, but not now. Jip
py pleasure time.)

I am so sad that i can not post the portrait i finished yesterday, but it is too private and i won’t stab the person in the back. For what i can say: it is the best i draw EVER.

Antony and the Johnsons - Cripple and the Starfish by MirbegTlax


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